Your furnace refractories in experienced hands


New Furnace Build

CBC has the experience and ability to work with furnace designers in the construction of new furnaces. The highest standards of engineering construction are achieved at the right cost and in the required time.

Furnace Reconstruction

The reconstruction and replacement of refractories in existing furnaces is a major activity of CBC. Many furnace designers and operators have experienced successful rebuilds of large and complex furnacesusing the engineering resources of CBC. The management and operation of the company stimulates success in this area.

Furnace Refurbishment

The partial replacement of refractories in a furnace calls for the highest level of judgement and experience. CBC can supply this level of expertise and the skill required to achieve a successful conjuction of new and existing refractories.

Furnace Repair

CBC uses its experience and resources to deliver a repair package for damaged or worn furnace refractories which guarantees effective remedies and the minimum of downtime.

Live Furnace Repair

The workforce of CBC is experienced in the rapid and effective repair of live furnaces. CBC will perform this essential repair work enabling production to continue with the minimum of delay.

Furnace construction

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